Runa Health helps you choose the best health insurance plan for you.

Healthcare isn’t one size fits all. You have your unique lifestyle, you have your own individual health needs, and you have the right to an optimal health insurance plan that protects you.

Runa Health’s recommendation tool estimates your annual projected medical costs across all plans available to you based on location, helping you size up your options. It’s not enough to simply have health insurance — we’re here to break down available plans in a language that is easy to understand and that empowers you to access the health care you deserve.

Our platform’s name comes from our heritage and our commitment to making quality healthcare accessible to our users. “Runa” means “people” in Quechua, an Andean indigenous language that is the most widely spoken of its kind in the Americas today. To the more than 10 million people who speak Quechua, “Runa” symbolizes a vibrant community of friends, family, acquaintances. We want the members of our Runa to enjoy the well-being they deserve.